35' Economy Internal Halyard Aluminum Flagpole

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Black Finish

This Internal Halyard Flagpole combines the security of a concealed halyard system with the simplicity of a rope halyard. While lacking the convenience and sophistication of a winch operated system, this internal halyard flagpole provides and intelligent, economical alternative to deluxe concealed halyard systems. This pole's wire center halyard runs through a stationary truck and is secured in a cam action cleat located inside the flagpole behind a lockable access door.

Anodized Finishes (Optional): Anodizing provides a coating which prevents the flagpole from oxidizing and provides a color finish. If you would like to order an anodized finish you must choose Clear, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Black. Satin is the standard finish.

Flagpole comes with:

  • Flagpole
  • Gold Anodized Ball Top
  • Stationary Truck with pulley
  • Wire Center Halyard
  • 2 - Bronze Snaphooks
  • Cam Cleat
  • Lockable Access Door
  • Beaded Retainer Ring
  • Counterweight
  • Flash Collar
  • Galvanized Steel Foundation (Ground) Sleeve

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NOTE: If the flagpole will not be installed immediately, it must be kept dry and away from moisture. If it is not stored in a dry place, or the outer tube and/or wrappings get wet, remove the tube and protective wrapping and place on blocks at least 12” above grade. If stored wet in any cardboard or wrappings, the flagpole will develop mold. The factory cannot assume responsibility for the finish if the pole is not stored properly.

  • Stationary Truck
  • Height - 35' (overall length - 38.5')
  • Butt Diameter - 7"
  • Top Diameter - 3.5"
  • Wall Thickness - .156"
  • Withstands 117 mph winds with recommended flag size
  • Recommended Flag Size - 6' x 10'
  • Satin is the standard finish