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  • Gold Plastic Ornament - Eagle

    Ornament - Gold Plastic

    These are the ornaments included with our American Flag Set with Deluxe Oak Flagpole, State Flag Set with Deluxe Oak Flagpole, and the Religious Flag Set with Deluxe Oak Flagpole Three options to choose from:  Eagle, Spear or Cross They...

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  • Metal Ornament - Perched Eagle

    Ornament - Gold Metal

    GOLD METAL ORNAMENTS - 100% MADE IN THE USA The ornaments are universal and will work on all of our indoor poles.  Includes a ferrule that is used to slide and secure to the top of our Deluxe Oak Flagpole Gold or Guidon Gold Fittings Flagpole...

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  • Flag Set with and Without Flag Spreader

    Flag Spreader

    FLAG SPREADER FOR INDOOR FLAG SETS Keep the flag open so the design can be proudly displayed at all time Made of Steel Vinyl coated bracket to protect scratches on the pole Sure-Grips that holds the flag securely in place Fits on all of our Indoor...

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  • Oak Pole with Brass Screw Joint

    Flagpole - Deluxe Oak with Gold Fittings

    DELUXE OAK FLAGPOLE with Brass Screw Joint100% Made in the USA Two-piece polished oak finish poles with gold brass screw joint Ready for flags with pole sleeves (fits up to 1.25" diameter pole sleeve) Hardware set up on poles for flags with pole sleeve,...

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  • Weighted Stand - Shiny finish (8 Lbs)

    Deluxe Plastic Floor Stand

    Plastic Floor Stands Shiny Gold or Shiny Silver Finish available ABS Plastic Bright Vacuumed-Metalized Finish Adaptor included to fit poles with a 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4" diameter This stand is compatible with all of our indoor poles except the Guidon Poles...

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  • Gold Cord & Tassels

    Cord and Tassels

    All of our complete Indoor Flag Sets come with the Cord & Tassels. Tassels are 9' long, with either 5" or 7" tassel. 5" Cord & Tassels are used with 3x5' flags. 9'x7" Cord & Tassels are used with 4x6' flags. Gold Cord & Tassels are used...

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  • Adjustable Aluminum Poles

    Flagpole - Adjustable Aluminum - Gold

    GOLD ADJUSTABLE ALUMINUM FLAG POLES100% Made in the USA Adjusts from 6'-10' with a twist lock (no tools required) Bottom Diameter is 1-1/8" Flags with Pole Sleeve are recommended Top of the pole has threading. The only ornaments that is compatible with...

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  • Ring Set for Indoor Flagpoles - Gold

    Ring Set for Indoor Flagpoles - Gold

    Gold Rings for Indoor Flagpoles Sold as a pair  Used to attach your flag with grommets to the pole 1 ring for top grommet and 1 ring for bottom grommet You will not need these rings if your flag has a sleeve Only fits on 1-1/4" diameter poles ...

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  • Carrying Belt Leather Single Strap White

    Leather Parade Carrying Belts

    PARADE CARRYING BELTS-LEATHER Genuine lether Choose from White, Black or Russet colors Single and Double styles available All leather belts feature strong plastic cups

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  • Black Carrying Case closure

    Carrying Case for Indoor Flag Set - Black

    BLACK LEATHERETTE FLAG CARRYING CASE FOR INDOOR FLAG SETS 9"X70" Leatherette Black Carrying Case Can be used as a storage case Includes a Carrying Strap Velcro Closure Compatible with all of our indoor flag sets American Flag Set with Adjustable...

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  • Carrying Belt Webbing Double Strap Black

    Webbing Parade Carrying Belts

    PARADE CARRYING BELTS WEBBING Strong webbing material with pole pocket Choose from White, Black or Olive Drab webbing colors Single strap and Double strap styles available Olive Drab is only available in single strap  

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  • Gold Fittings for Guidon Pole Set

    Guidon Pole Set - Gold

    Guidon Pole Set with Gold FittingsMade in the USA Two-piece Natural Oak Finish Pole with Gold screw joint Includes Chrome Bottom Ferrule and Metal Military Spear - Metal Ornament Gold (ASPEARMILITARYMETALGOLD) (Military Spear w/Ferrule) Compatible...

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