Nylon vs. Polyester

Flag Comparison
Flag Type  Made in the USA

Embroidered Stars
 With Sewn Stripes



 Flags for
5' & 6' Poles

Flags for
  inground poles



 Do you need a Nylon or Polyester Flag?

All of our flags are 100% made in the USA! Finished with heading and grommets and embroidered stars and sewn stripes.


Our Nylon flags nylon-flag.jpgare 200 denier nylon material and ideal for any display. They fly in slight breezes and the rain beads off of them so they remain lightweight.  This makes these flags ideal for low wind areas.  They look great in residential and commercial settings.

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Our 2ply Open Weave polyester flags are ideal for high wind

poly-flag.jpg areas. They are more durable than the nylon but are heavier and are designed for in-ground poles (commercial poles). These are not recommended for poles attached to buildings.

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The Duratex is a tricot knit polyester fabric with unsurpassed color retention.  The lightweight material makes this polyester flag fly more consistently than 2 ply polyester. Repels water like nylon making it the perfect design for wet and windy conditions. Shines like Nylon with the durability of 2 ply polyester.

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With a variety of sizes and types of flags you are sure to find the perfect flag to suit your needs!

We are always here to help you.  If you have any questions on any of our products call or email us and we will happily assist you.